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Want Tax-Free Retirement Income? There’s an App for That

Want Tax-Free Retirement Income? There’s an App for That

I love talking to my clients about permanent life insurance because of the amazing benefits it offers, both for you and your family. As with any kind of life insurance, the #1 benefit is the financial protection it provides in case of your death. But you get something else with permanent life insurance; it builds cash value over time.
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Rock Your Financial Planning with Multi-Tasking Products

Rock Your Financial Planning with Multi-Tasking Products

Multi-tasking is the way of the world. Why buy a device or a product that only does one thing? In the financial world, we've kept up with the idea of multi-tasking, too. We know you have several big problems you want solved, from paying for retirement to the cost of healthcare.
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Would You Rather Talk to Your Kids about Drugs…or Life Insurance?

Would You Rather Talk to Your Kids about Drugs…or Life Insurance?

A survey by State Farm shows that parents would rather discuss drugs, alcohol, religion, or politics before discussing life insurance with their children. But what’s so scary about it? A LIMRA survey found that 78% of parents say life insurance plays a role in their overall financial plan.
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Meet Ryan Pinney

Ryan Pinney

My name is Ryan Pinney, VP of Sales & Marketing at Trusted Quote. I’m an advocate of personal financial growth, education, and excellence. I believe that insurance agents should be ethical and work toward solutions based on our clients’ needs. I believe that the financial industry should change for the better, and that change starts with me. Join me as I work to build a new way to buy insurance and protect your family’s financial future.


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You and your agency have been great, very patient with me and very professional.
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Thanks! You saved me $1,076.00 on my insurance!
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Thanks for your assistance…You have been efficient and professional. I recommend you and your company to anyone who wishes to purchase life insurance.
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For over 40 years, our company has helped half a million American families protect their future with life insurance. We provide fast, free quotes for life, disability, long-term care insurance, and more.

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10-year level term policy, 30-year-old non-smoking female

^Represents 10-year level term life insurance rates for 40-year-old female,
in good health, no tobacco, residing in Ohio.

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