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Mother's Day Videos: All About Moms!

At Trusted Quote, we celebrate Mother's Day in a big way! We asked some of the moms here in our office to share their thoughts and feelings about being a mother. Here's what they told us:

What Makes Your Mom Special?

Everyone's mom is unique, but the reasons we love them transcend the boundaries of culture, language, and even time. What makes your mom special? Her love, patience, kindness, and humor. See why our Trusted Quote staffers love their moms:

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The First Lesson You Learned about Motherhood

It might be funny, it might be's always heartwarming! Hear what our Trusted Quote moms have to say about the first lesson they learned regarding motherhood.

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The Most Important Thing to Remember as a Mother

Being a mom is a tough job...and there's always something to remember. But most of them are little things, like what you need at the store or where a favorite toy might be hiding. When it comes to the important things, here's what our Trusted Quote moms had to say:

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What Does Motherhood Mean to You?

These moms have an incredible passion for the role of a mother. Let their words inspire you:

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